DC Diesel Transfer System DCFD 60

DC Diesel Transfer System DCFD 60

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DC oil pump fuel transfer pump (12V/24V) 


·         Cast iron pump body finished with anti-corrosion paint

·         Vane pump with sintered steel rotor and acetal resin vane

·         By-pass valve incorporated in the pump body

·         Direct current brush motor with permanent magnet stator

·         Motor protection class IP55

·         Used in intermittent service with 30-minute work cycles

·         Maximum Head 10 Meters in DC Pumps and 20 Meters in AC Pumps.


Available in 12 and 24 Voltage versions provide with 3/4” threaded connectors on the pump body. Switch box and fuse carrier, reinforced base complete with power cables and pincers for connection to terminal strips.



·         Ideal portable pump for diesel fuel, machine oil.

·         As the primary system on earth-moving machinery.

·         On mobile fuel pumps on vehicles, such as paving machine, tractor, road roller, etc or in construction yards.

DC / AC diesel pump Cast iron pump body complete anticorrosive paint.